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How to Quit Smoking Weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed

If you are afraid that your smoking habit takes you far away from your friends, relatives, loved ones and the way you want to live your life, then you need to quit smoking weed right now, and I am sure you can do it if you love yourself. You can come on the right track once again if you struggle for some days.
You will be praising this article after reading because it can change your entire life. Smoking weed may be addictive, but if you have decided to quit smoking, then it is as easy as 1,2,3. You’ve come to the right place. Some Tips are given in the video at the end of this article, watch that too.

Reasons of Starting Smoking

Before discussing “How to Quit Smoking Weed,” it is necessary to have a look at the reasons “Why someone starts smoking weed.”


The most common reason people get habitual to smoking weed is due to their smokers friends. They convince him to start smoking as they do, nothing happens, always hearing such sentences and sometimes friends warn to start smoking otherwise leave us. Due to these bad friends, people start smoking and become habitual and make their life worse because good friends leave him/her. Also, family members hate him as he smokes. In like this situation he/she want to quit smoking weed, but there is no one to help him “How to quit smoking weed?”

Help to Quit Smoking Weed


Sometimes people have no control over their anger when their loved ones leave or someone he/she trust deceive. He/she become angry and in this situation sometimes starts smoking weed and become habitual.

But after that he/she realize that it’s not the right way he is going on.
So start searching on “How to quit smoking weed”.


Anxiety is another big reason to lead a person to start smoking weed. When someone feels uncomfortable due to any reason he/she could not even sleep, due to this reason and to gain some rest he/she start smoking weed and finally become habitual to smoking weed which makes his life worse. In the same situation also people start searching on “How to quit smoking weed”.


Another reason why people start smoking weed is Advertisement. Different companies advertise on channels and praises their product due to which unaware people just for fun start smoking and become extreme habitual. Then he/she want to quit smoking weed but they can’t because they are habitual now. So they start searching on the internet for help on “How to quit smoking weed”.
So if you are addicted to smoking weed due to any reason, just follow the instruction below and you will be able to restore your life and will quit smoking weed soon.

What to do for Quitting Smoking Weed

Tips to Quit Smoking Weed

1.  Get Rid of Smoking weed

  • Throw all the existing weed in your pocket or home.
  • Delete your weed supplier contact number from your phone.
  • Break lighter or anything which helps you in smoking.

2.  Aware your family and friends of your Decision

I Quit Smoking Weed

  • First of all, you have to clear your decision to yourself and then your friends & family members.
  • Avoid your smoker friends or make them sure that they will not smoke in your presence.
  • Tell them that they will not provide weed for smoking even by asking.

3.  Busy yourself in other activities

  • Do exercise daily.
  • Meet with old friends and talk to them.
  • Play physical games.
  • Start learning some educational courses.
  • Read newspaper daily.

By doing activities your time will pass, and you will not remember smoking weed.

4.  Change your Routine

  • Change your daily routine like get up early in the morning, do some walk, etc.
  • Eat something different for breakfast.
  • Do Study in the library or somewhere else but not on the bed.
  • Free some time for physical games.

5.  Deal with your Urges

Urges to Stop Smoking Weed

  • Avoid the location that reminds you smoking.
  • Just get rid of the area where you get an urge as soon as possible.
  • Breath deeply in open place through your mouth and hold the air for 5-10 seconds for 2-3 minutes.
  • Put something else in spite of weed in your mouth like a piece of paper etc., but be sure not to put anything like the drug.
  • The best option is to chew sugarless gums.
  • Try to drink water as much as you can; it will keep you healthy.

6.  Stick with these activities

You will feel a quite change in your life, and it may hurt for some time, but it will last for one or two weeks. Therefore never give up and do these activities continuously for at least a month and you will be all ok.
Thanks for reading this helpful article on “How to Quit Smoking Weed.”

Stop Smoking Weed for Life

May you live a happy and healthy life ahead. 🙂

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