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How Much Lap Band Surgery Cost

How Much is Lap Band Surgery Cost

How Much is Lap Band Surgery Cost

Lap-Band surgery is a topic that has been given a great deal of attention in the past few years. When it comes to bariatric surgery, also called weight loss surgery, Lap-Band surgery is perhaps one of the most frequently cited types of surgery. For this reason, it is good to describe different aspects regarding this weight loss surgery and help individuals to learn a bit more about Lap-Band surgery. By learning about the surgery, it may aid individuals in deciding if the surgery might be the appropriate route to take concerning weight loss.

What is Lap-Band Surgery?

Lap Band Surgery

Lap-Band Surgery is the process of placing a prosthesis known as the LAP-BAND around the upper stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch that in turn limits the amount of food an individual can fit into their stomach. Lap-Band surgery (a bariatric surgery procedure) was approved by the FDA in 2001 and gained increasing popularity in the weight loss world from that point forward. The procedure itself is minimally invasive as lap band surgeons enter the stomach region via small incisions and use surgical instruments to insert the Lap-Band. The main reason for having the surgery performed is so that the individual having it done will not only lose weight but keep the weight off as well. This is a new method that is recommended for those individuals who experience morbid obesity and have tried to lose the weight but have failed in their attempts to lose the weight and keep it off.

How Does the Lap Band Work?

 Lap Band Surgery Cost

The Lap Band works by decreasing the size of the stomach pouch. By doing so, individuals will be able to eat to a certain point and then they will be full. Individuals feel full much more quickly as their stomach is a smaller size than what it was before the surgery. After lap band surgery, eating habits will change, and individuals will follow lap band diet guidelines. Also, the Lap Band creates a small stomach outlet which significantly slows down the emptying process from the stomach into the intestines. Both of these factors act together to aid the individual in their weight loss goals.

Who Qualifies for Lap-Band Surgery?

The Lap-Band procedure may not be appropriate for all individuals who wish to lose weight. Some individuals may be more receptive to the Lap-Band treatment than others would be. There are certain individuals who may be eligible for the surgery such as those who are 18 years of age or older, have a BMI of 40 or higher or weigh at least twice their ideal weight, have been overweight for over five years, do not have any disease which could have brought on the obesity and countless attempts to lose weight have not met with real success. The previously mentioned items are just a few factors that individuals may possess which may make them candidates for surgery.

On the other hand, there are certain individuals whom surgery may not be appropriate for due to certain qualities they possess. For example, individuals who have an inflammatory disease or disease of the GI tract, those who have a disease that makes them a bad candidate for surgery of any kind or individuals which have one of the numerous types of stomach problems are just a few of the people for whom Lap-Band surgery may not be an option. These are just a few of the types of individuals who may be best suited for other types of weight loss programs.

Life after Lap-Band Surgery

For those individuals who have had the Lap-Band surgery performed, their lifestyle will change in many different ways, and it is important to consider one’s life after Lap-Band. Many changes that the Lap-Band patient will incur after placement of the Lap-Band include eating habits, food intake and more. The following paragraphs will highlight some of these changes, both short-term and long-term, and describe how an individual’s life may be after having the Lap-Band surgery performed.

Short-Term Changes

There is one short-term change in particular which an individual will have to make post-surgery. For the first few weeks following surgery, the Lap-Band patient will need to limit their food intake to liquids. Items such as water, clear soups and broth and juice will be the majority of the patient’s food intake for the first two weeks. From the second to third week, the individual may have pureed and soft foods. When the individual is four weeks post-operative, they can start eating regular foods. After about the sixth week, the individual will be able to start their new post-Lap-Band diet.

Lap-Band Surgery Cost

Individuals who are pursuing Lap-Band surgery have many factors to consider. Deciding to have Lap-Band surgery is a big step, so it is important that individuals be prepared for everything that lies ahead. All of the decisions that need to be made are crucial and should be given the utmost attention by the future patient. Some of the factors that should be considered involve choosing a Lap-Band surgeon, deciding where to have the Lap-Band surgery, and the cost of Lap-Band surgery.

Choosing LAP-BAND Surgeon

For those who are considering Lap-Band surgery, it is important to invest the time into selecting the doctor who will perform the surgery. Experience counts, and it can make a difference in the success of the surgery. Doctors who specialize in weight loss related surgeries are bariatric surgeons.

One good way to find a bariatric surgeon is thru another doctor’s referral. Individuals who are considering weight loss surgery should discuss this with their primary care physician and ask if they could provide any recommendations of doctors who specialize in Lap-Band surgery. Another good way to find a bariatric surgeon who performs the Lap-Band surgery is thru word of mouth. If the person contemplating surgery has any friends or family members that have had the surgery, they may be a good source of information. A personal recommendation is a good way to find a Lap-Band surgeon.

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