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How to Make Silky and Shiny Hair Naturally at Home

How to Make Silky and Shiny Hair Naturally at Home

How to Make Silky and Shiny Hair Naturally at Home

Everybody wish to have glossy, bright and shiny hair as same as the star actors and actresses. However, those people have been handled by professional. Most people could not spend for hair salon each time they would like to enrich or wash their hair. So we could not compete with actors and actresses. We rather take care of our hair instead. Hair is one of the most important looks of our looking so we will feel great if our hair looks great.

If you often straight your hair, you should know that your hair will be damaged. Damaged hair will not keep your hair shiny as you wish. Your hair will have split end. Hair shining will result from your good care and some tricks.

Everybody has their hair format, so they are various ways to keep your hair shiny and glossy among hair texture.

Here are 3 main kinds of hair,

Thick Hair:-

– Apply the pomade or oil shampoo which will make shining hair by moistening and nourishing your hair.

Normal Hair:-

– If your hair needs to be fixing, apply shampoo which contains silk amino acid ingredients will fix your hair structure. You can make your shining hair by applying the special gel and cream on your hand and tap on your hair.

Fine Hair: –

– Find shampoo which contains polymer and wheat protein. It will help cover your hair shaft which will make your hair look thicker.  You can find volumized spray from your nearby store which will keep your hair shiny and bright so your hair will not load down.

How to Make Silky and Shiny Hair Naturally at Home - 12 Ways

12 Ways to Get Shiny Hair.

  1. Weekly use hair moisturizing conditioner.
  2. Avoid applying style hair goods because they will make the hair look lifeless.
  3. Apply heat stimulated shampoo.
  4. When you dry your hair, get it the blow of cool air when you did dry it. This will block your epidermis that will keep your hair shining.
  5. Combine honey for one spoon with four glass of warm water, spray on your hair when wet, do not rinse off, dry as normal.
  6. Do not comb your hair when still wet because you can damage it.
  7. Use cold water to wash your hair. At least, wash your hair with cold water before getting off from your bath.
  8. Must not apply Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate shampoo and conditioner.
  9. Do not polish hair conditioner if your hair was oily and ensure you wash your hair carefully.
  10. Cut ends of the hair monthly.
  11. Be careful using the hairdryer and hair straighter if you need because they will dry your hair and the heat will damage your hair.
  12. Apply mayonnaise and use it well onto your hair like you did with conditioner and put your head the shower cap to cover it, it will make your hair more styleable and not much dry.
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