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Nourish your Baby’s Skin with the Purest & Natural Products

Nourish your Baby’s Skin with the Purest Products

Nourish your Baby’s Skin with the Purest Products

Your baby is fragile when he or she is small and growing, and so using the best possible products on your baby’s skin is of vital importance. The best way for you to nourish your baby’s skin is using the purest products around, as these are the products that will provide the greatest benefits without drawbacks like chemicals or potential allergic reactions. Here is what you need to know about nourishing your baby’s skin from head to toe with the help of the purest baby skin care products that the market has to offer.

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The skin on your baby is his or her largest organ and also one of the most vitally important. The skin has a porous nature, and so your baby’s skin is going to absorb whatever you rub on it, allowing it to enter into the blood stream. Some baby care products such as baby powder are also capable of being ingested or inhaled by your baby. Because there are so many different ingredients found in baby creams, lotions, shampoos, powders, soaps, oils, and ointments, it is of vital importance that you choose the purest possible products and know which products contain potential toxins so that they can be avoided.

Unfortunately, many toxic ingredients do not have to be included on labels, and so it can be rather challenging for you to determine just what chemicals are being rubbed onto your baby. For example, many types of skin care products use Phthalates, but infants are significantly vulnerable to developmental toxicity and reproductive toxicity from phthalates because their metabolic system is so immature. Anything that includes a fragrance as an ingredient, or that clearly states phthalates on the ingredients list should be avoided when it comes to the health of your baby.

Many skin care and bath products are also unfortunately contaminated using formaldehyde or 1.4-dioxane, and these are chemicals that have been linked to skin allergies as well as cancer.

Before you apply any ointments, creams, shampoos or other products to your baby’s skin, it is vitally important that you figure out just what ingredients you are potentially introducing into your baby’s bloodstream. Luckily, there are some companies on the market now that are working to produce completely natural, pure and organic products for skin care and bath and body, not only for babies but all ages.

One example of a company that is doing the right thing is Earth Mama Angel Baby, which makes a truly wonderful line of completely 100% natural and certified organic products for baby that use only natural materials with no parabens, no phthalates, no artificial preservatives, no dyes and no fragrances in any of the products. This is a truly impressive line of products, and potentially the purest products that you can use on your baby.

As it is essential to prevent an adults skin from damages, a baby’s delicate skin requires even more care. While it is vital to use sunblock during the summer days, one should use baby skin care and organic baby shampoo to protect their child from harmful chemicals.

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